In Baden-Württemberg, with the implementation of the Flood Risk Management Directive, in addition to the Flood Hazard Map and the Flood Risk Map, a map was also developed that contains the conclusions from the maps as well as the flood risk profiles. In parallel, a methodology for the preparation of heavy rainfall risk assessments is described in the guideline for municipal concepts for dealing with heavy rainfall.

INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT Professor Böhm und Partner has now been commissioned to bring together the various approaches to risk assessment and to add aspects that have not yet been taken into account, such as flow velocities and erosion processes. Following the example of hazard zone planning, e.g. in Austria and Switzerland, the sensitivity of the affected uses and functions will be systematically included in the assessment. This provides, among other things, a suitable basis for implementing the risk-based approach from the Federal Spatial Plan for Floods.