INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT supports regions, cities and municipalities in climate protection and a sustainable transformation of the energy industry: With integrated climate protection concepts, strategies and plans for increasing energy efficiency and for the energetic redevelopment of urban quarters. In doing so, we combine urban planning and urban development approaches with energy- and climate-oriented objectives. Parallel fields of action and the need for action are dealt with in an integrated manner. This strengthens the municipality’s ability to act: urban planning aspects, the challenges of climate protection and adaptation to climate change, but also the goals of a sound budgetary policy are taken into account in sustainable and implementation-oriented concepts and recommendations for action.

We all know how pressing the challenges of climate protection are. And we have opportunities to do something at various levels, for example through greater energy efficiency and the intelligent use of renewable energy sources, or through sustainable integrated urban development. It’s good if we can learn from our European neighbors – and they from us.

Hans-Jürgen Gräff


Our services

Integrated energy and climate protection concepts

Funding acquisition and management

District concepts (urban redevelopment; KfW 432)

Potential studies for renewable energies

Energy supply concepts for development areas

Informal urban development planning

Municipal energy management

Renovation and utilization concepts for public properties

Municipal heat supply concepts / feasibility studies for thermal networks

Selected projects

ClimateQuarter: Local community Hauenstein

Together with homeowners, tenants and businesses, projects are initiated that reduce the energy demand of the neighborhood in the long term and improve the vitality of the town center.

Climate protection concept KrefeldKlima 2030

Preparation of a municipal climate protection and adaptation strategy and concrete measures for the next ten years.

EU-Project Climate Active Neighbourhoods,

that helps municipalities in northwestern Europe to implement their climate protection strategies more effectively.

EU-Project Renewable Energy Regions,

that brings together producers and consumers of renewable energies within a region.

Climate quarter „Süd saniert“ in Ludwigshafen,

which links the urban energy rehabilitation funding program (KfW 432) with urban development funding instruments.

Municipal Energy Efficiency Network Groß-Gerau Region,

which supports six municipalities in setting up an energy management system and helps them to identify and utilize economic energy-saving potential.


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