Our tasks often begin where formal responsibilities end: We think in a connected way and implement this principle in our projects. Structural and process analyses, interdisciplinary strategy development, the establishment and further development of institutional processes, as well as stakeholder participation and communication are important components of our tasks – both at the national and international level.


In addition to specialist knowledge, the success of a project depends on having the right idea, raising the necessary funds, involving all relevant agencies and the public. For these important cross-sectional tasks INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT provides comprehensive expertise and experience.


The target-oriented derivation of possibilities for action and measures on the base of a well-founded analysis of needs and deficits is an essential element of our work. Our pool of creative solutions and measures grows with each project.


INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT supports you both in the implementation of formal participation processes (e.g. Strategic Environmental Assessment) and in informal processes and events. Our experience ranges from the organization of large conferences to workshops in small groups. Depending on the goal and the group of participants in workshops, we can draw on a wide range of methods for moderating and leading discussions – both analog and digital.

Successful communication requires clear goals and target groups, corresponding measures in all project phases, and success control. We take care of your process and your product, be it the creation of flyers, brochures, websites or other information and communication products. Depending on your needs, we work closely with graphic designers and journalists.


INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT supports you in all project-related tasks: from the project idea and the acquisition of funding to the implementation of the projects and their successful completion. After all, forward-looking initiatives often only become possible through the acquisition of funding. To ensure the successful implementation of projects, we offer project and financial management from a single source – a model that has proven its worth in terms of transparency and efficiency for all partners involved.

The development and evaluation of funding programs are also part of our core competencies. Especially in the field of Interreg programs INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT supports evaluations, conceptions and the development of program documents for different funding areas.

Capacity development

The quality and effectiveness of implementing planning, construction and service tasks depend largely on the structures and know-how of the organizations responsible for them. INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT strengthens public and private institutions in Germany and abroad by providing a broad range of consulting and support services to support them in their capacity development. The focus is on the design of responsibilities and interfaces, the clear structuring of decision-making, work and communication processes, information and knowledge management, and employee training.


INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT has extensive detailed knowledge and many years of experience in German-Polish cooperation. In close exchange with the stakeholders in the border region on both sides of the Oder and Lausitzer Neiße rivers, we work on future concepts and joint strategies. In doing so, we have the task of coordinating the demands of many actors on the region: For example, for living and working, infrastructures, the development of the economy and the preservation of the environment and our resources. The framework is provided by Interreg projects, the Euroregions or model spatial planning projects.


Only with a legally secure award of contracts for supplies and services can public sector measures be implemented swiftly. INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT supports public contracting authorities through the sound preparation and implementation of procedures for the tendering and awarding of construction, supply and service contracts. We advise bidders on the legally compliant preparation and presentation of bids.


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