We are looking for new ways to develop riverside landscapes: water bodies and their meadows are complex systems in which diverse demands for use are in competition with each other. Only when the interconnected system is disturbed and we feel the consequences (floods, water shortage, loss of recreational areas, species decline), does it become clear how diverse the ecological and economic services of river areas are. Restoring these services and preserving them in the long term is a central task to which we are devoting ourselves together with many other stakeholders.

Waters are ecologically interconnected systems that fulfill many functions for nature, the economy and society. We must improve the ecological quality of our waters, but also keep in mind the needs of the people who live along and with them. The question of how much water dynamics is possible and how much safety is necessary must always be renegotiated. This can be achieved if local measures and river area concepts are effectively interlinked. This is something we have been working on with our clients for a long time, and we will continue to do so.

Dr. Sandra Pennekamp


Our services

GIS-supported analyses of the water structure

Conceptual framework for the revitalization of water bodies

Evaluation procedures for prioritization of measures

“Water advisors” for assistance in the implementation of WFD measures

Selected projects

State study on water ecology in Baden-Württemberg,

which lays the foundations for achieving good ecological status and an improved watercourse structure.

Preparation of revitalization of water bodies of II. order

in Baden-Württemberg with the targeted support of the responsible stakeholders.

Implementation of the WFD in North Rhine-Westphalia,

for which numerous actors within the river basin districts are coordinated and supported and accompanied in the preparation of the management plans.

Waters advisor Gersprenz

to support the water management association Gersprenz in the implementation of four measures for the establishment of passability.

Determination of the area required for close-to-nature watercourse development:

Development of a method and pilot application for streams in Baden-Württemberg.


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