The Smart City project “Smart Water Darmstadt” aims to advance water-sensitive urban development or “sponge city” in Darmstadt by also making greater use of digital tools or developing them further. INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT has supported the strategy phase as a technical and scientific consultant together with the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Frommer). Now it goes into the implementation phase.

With the resolution of the strategy “Smart Water Darmstadt” in the city council, a new milestone was reached in May 2023 ( The successful development of the strategy under the leadership of the Office of Economic Affairs and Urban Development was based on a broad-based participation process with citizens, associations and experts from business and research as well as the administration.

The measures proposed in the strategy in the three fields of application are as follows

  1. water cycles in neighborhoods and cities,
  2. water data: Basics, potentials and use
  3. water awareness: Water communication and conscious action

are now to be implemented as part of the BMI funding line “Model Projects Smart Cities” and “Smart Cities made in Germany”.